What makes Stari Beograd tuna salad different from the other brands?

  26. Maj 2021

Do you live fast, but still take care of your health and diet? Do you exercise regularly and need a high protein intake? Do you fast? If at least one of the answers is positive, keep reading this text! Recently, the narrative of healthy eating and physical exercise has become very prominent. However, such a lifestyle can become burdensome for the budget, time-consuming, and can often lead to mistaking healthy with diet food. For the fast-paced life we all live today canned, ready-made and semi-prepared meals are a very practical option. However, this type of food often comes with a bad reputation for justified reasons. And do you know the exact reason why canned food can be unhealthy? It is because it mostly contains preservatives that prolong its freshness, but which can contribute to the development of numerous diseases, even cancer. However, some manufacturers take care of the list of ingredients of their products. One of them is Old Belgrade. Not a single product from the selection of this brand contains any harmful substances. In 2020, Old Belgrade expanded its offer of canned fish with high-quality tuna. Consumers’ response was excellent, and because we build our brand on the satisfaction and trust of our customers, we have decided to go one step further and introduce a salad with the same type of fish. Tuna salad Old Belgrade is a great choice for anyone who needs a quick meal, without harmful substances, full of protein and all the other nutritional ingredients needed for a balanced diet. It comes in three different flavors that you can choose according to your preferences. You may see the offer on the following link.
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