Extra virgin olive oil - LugliO
Extra virgin olive oil, one of the most important bases of the Mediterranean diet, is honored by becoming the UNESCO World Heritage. LugliO extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the first pressing of olives harvested during the best stage of ripening.
Sansa olive oil – LugliO
LugliO olive oil with its refined taste that does not change the taste of your meal is perfect for numerous recipes.
Extra virgin olive oil PDO – LugliO
The protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is a very important recognition of the value and quality of olive oil by which the European Union guarantees to the customers the original Italian origin of the olives from which the oil is produced.
Olive oil with aromas - LugliO
Italian cuisine is known for its spices. LugliO offers a wide range of special oils which are created by combining extra virgin olive oil and typical Italian spices. The perfect combination with hot peppers, truffles or basil make LugliO oils an original and sophisticated condiment for various recipes.
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