TGK Company was founded in Čačak on the bases of its successful predecessor, known in Serbia under the name of Wissol. Their owner, Dragan Gojković, founded them in the same year (1992), but initially he was focused primarily on the growth and development of Wissol. In a very short period of time, Wissol reached the very top and positioned itself among the five most successful food companies in Serbia, in terms of realized revenue. The activities that the company was engaged in were wholesale of food products, and their import and export. Business and storage space of Wissol covered 8 500 m2, and it was present in 50 municipalities of Serbia, as part of business cooperations. Over 80 comparative differences set Wissol apart from the then competition, and positioned it high in the world of trade. A wide range of products, employee education and world-class marketing moves are but a few of the qualities in which the company was innovative and often the best in this region. After achieving impressive success, Dragan Gojković decided to reduce the business capacity and thus, in 2005, the focus was shifted to the already established company TGK. Business continued in the same direction through import and distribution of food products. Concurrently with the growth of TGK, the investment in the development of the Stari Beograd (Old Belgrade) brand began. To date, the brand has improved quality in several aspects. Three decades ago, when Dragan Gojković took over the brand ownership, the assortment was based only on one type of fish – sardine. Over time, the range of canned fish has been expanded with mackerel and tuna, and since 2020, the distribution of meat slices under the same brand commenced. In the same year, the visual aspect of the brand was improved and the products were dressed in new sea colors. In addition to canned fish, TGK is also engaged in the import of Italian food products, of which the leading ones are authentic Italian pasta of the Riscossa brand and LugliO olive oil of protected origin. Olive oil is a product of special significance since TGK was the first to bring it to Serbia. The entire portfolio of the company TGK consists of the following categories:
  • Foils for food packaging
  • Canned fish and meat products
  • Olive oil and vinegar
  • Pasta and red tomato program
  • Chokeberry juice
  • Children’s champagne
  • Horse balms
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