Vitamin D za borbu protiv virusa!

  19. Nov 2020

Vitamin D is a very important factor that affects our health. It is estimated that more than a billion people in the world suffers from a deficiency of this vitamin, which plays a major role in strengthening the immune system that protects us from cold, flu and viruses. Besides helping fight the invisible enemies, this vitamin prevents the development of depression, and its deficiency can also be associated with the development of dementia and rickets. At the time of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, it is very important to strengthen the immune system in order to minimize the risk of infection. Apart from the sun exposure, vitamin D can also be taken into the body through diet. It is a well-known fact that fish contains an abundance of nutrients, including vitamin D. Salmon has the highest concentration of this vitamin; however, canned fish (tuna and sardines), as a much cheaper option, contains sufficient amount to meet the recommended daily intake. To check if your body is also deficient in this vitamin, the best solution is to send the blood sample to analysis. However, here are some symptoms that indicate the deficiency: Conspicuously increased sweating Noticeable and unexpected weakness Brittle bones Chronic pain Bad mood Sources: Krstarica Mondo Biovital
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