Stari Beograd Stari Beograd, a brand of TGK, has successfully maintained an enviable quality of canned fish for three decades. In 2020, as a sign of gratitude to its loyal consumers, Stari Beograd decided to expand its range and improve the existing products. The canned fish packaging was changed for the first time and given new sea colors that picturesquely evoked the flavors from the depths of the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas. More importantly, its content consists of carefully selected sardines, mackerel and tuna, which are traditionally prepared from the fish parts of the highest quality. Our products do not contain preservatives, and they are extremely rich in protein, vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids, which makes them a perfect choice for a healthy and balanced meal. A novelty in the offer of the Stari Beograd brand are meat slices. They come in three versions: chicken, meat and turkey. Fast, easy and delicious! Royal blue for royal taste!
Riscossa TGK Company has the honor of being the first and only one in this region to cooperate with the producer of authentic Italian pasta – brand Riscossa. With a tradition that is over a century long, Riscossa brings the flavors of Italy to kitchens all over the world. We are particularly proud of the special line called Bio Integrale. It comes in three typical forms of pasta, is 100% composed of organically produced whole grain wheat, and makes a perfect choice for a healthy, balanced, and yet very tasty meal. Aside from a wide range of pasta, Riscossa also offers pelati of Italian production, made of the highest quality tomatoes. The perfect addition to a meal for a complete Mediterranean experience! Bring the scent of Italy to your kitchen!
LugliO TGK Company has the honor of being the first and only one in this region to cooperate with the producer of authentic Italian oil – brand LugliO. Beside its standard version, olive oil also comes with flavors of truffles, hot pepper and basil. These unusual combinations are an original and sophisticated addition to many Italian meals. Since recently, there is also the latest organic extra virgin olive oil that stands out for its extremely high quality. The assortment also includes oils for food preparation. Grapeseed oil is becoming more and more frequently used in the households, and is taking precedence over sunflower oil as a much healthier option. Palm oil, which is also in our offer, contains beta carotene and vitamins A and E.
Vitapress Champagne is a must-have item at every birthday celebration, including children’s. We offer a wide range of packaging with the favorite children cartoon and movie heroes.
Interfood Chokeberry juice is one of the strongest natural antioxidants. It is not commonly known that chokeberry is even richer in vitamin C than citrus fruits. Furthermore, it contains a complex of vitamin B, vitamin E and a very rare vitamin P. This vitamin bomb also contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and manganese. Besides all that, it is also rich in beta carotene, folic acid, tannin and biophenol.
Family Care Horse balm of original German production. It exists in two versions – red and green. Red horse balm with an enhanced cooling effect helps to better and faster eliminate pain in muscle tissue. It is used to treat sports injuries, rheumatism and arthritis, chronic back and joint pain, muscle tension and cramps. Green horse balm helps during everyday efforts. It also relieves rheumatic ailments, joint and back pain, and helps with minor injuries, bruises, swelling and poor circulation.
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